Our Team

Each member of our professional team of Lift Consultants has between 20 and 45 years experience in all aspects of the vertical transportation industry.  Our Skill sets are broad and a brief summary on each member of our team follows:

Geoff Smith
With extensive experience in the lift industry, Geoff has been consulting with JCA since its inception.  His particular expertise is in new lift and upgrade design, traffic analysis, performance audits, litigation and insurance inspections.

Peter Ward
Peter joined the lift consultancy industry with considerable background in the design of lifts, moving walkways and escalator systems.  He has experience in sales and management of major commercial, residential, hotel and hospital projects, providing due diligence and CAPEX reporting to our customers.

Colin Boswarva
Colin specialises in design, documentation and tender procedures for new lift and upgrade projects, annual safe to operate certification and registration.  He has a background of sales, service, engineering, product and project management.

Paul Maidment
Paul offers considerable experience in project management of vertical transportation installations.  He brings particular expertise to upgrade and full replacement lift projects based on experience both in Australia and the UK.

Craig Healey
With extensive experience in senior management, Craig has specific skills specialising in maintenance and construction.  His particular expertise is in hazard and risk assessments, contract negotiations and tender reviews.

Administration Support
JCA has a very efficient support team in administration and accounting.  Belinda, Gladys and Jane are integral to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the JCA office. It is with the assistance of this very important team of people that we are able to offer the best services to our clients.