Retail & Hospitality

We understand that no two jobs are the same.

To minimise the high cost associated with vertical transportation, installation, upgrades and maintenance and repairs in the Retail space, we offer a specialised and tailored solution for Retail clients.

We have proudly coordinated many successful Retail projects ranging from small customised boutique sites to large-scale commercial, retail and portfolio-based projects.

Our quality assurance process is non-negotiable. This involves all site inspection surveys and documentation being internally reviewed before our work is presented to our clients.

To further uphold the highest quality standards, we only utilise our in-house expertise in:

Site Inspections

Design Engineering

Project & Contract Management

Our process

Our process begins with a site audit to assess the age, componentry type and compliance with government safety regulations of the vertical transportation equipment, aligned with your objectives.


We offer a wide range of audits which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and desired outcomes.

Our audits include:

  • Lift performance and maintenance reviews
  • Escalator and moving walkway performance and maintenance review
  • Equipment condition and adjustment reviews
  • Due diligence and CAPEX inspections
  • Work Health & Safety compliance and assessments
  • Lift Code and Building Code of Australia compliance and assessments
  • Litigation insurance inspections

Our design service includes feasibility assessments, traffic analysis and design scope and specifications developed to your project requirements. 

Along with new and upgrade system design services, we also manage the overall project services and tender process.

Tender process management

We produce the tender itself, based on your brief and scope of requirements and then coordinate tender packages. This includes the calling of tenders, review of the received documentation and tender clarifications.

The process involves a comprehensive reporting assessment for the project including our recommendations and further negotiations in order to achieve the most favourable outcome for you.

Project services and Contract management

Project pre-planning inclusive of program development, cash flow review and negotiations and construction drawing approvals. 

Onsite contractor and project supervision are provided which ensures your projects are coordinated to specification and include quality inspections, WIP reporting and final certification and defect inspections.

Service agreements

JCA Lift Consultants facilitate a range of maintenance services including the preparation of performance-based maintenance agreements and reviews of existing agreements.

We conduct negotiations on your behalf and provide maintenance agreement tendering services.

This includes site-specific equipment and performance requirements as well as setting of contractor KPIs.

We also provide bulk tendering services for portfolio agreement on a local, state or national level and collaborate with procurement departments as the Subject Matter Expert (SME).